coverSuspenseful and intensely moving, no other book captures the tapestry of Asian history quite like The White Umbrella, a dazzling true tale of modern Burma told through the life story of Sao Hearn Hkam.

Born into royalty, sold in marriage, she fought against tradition, foreign invaders, and the brute power of a crazed general to gain freedom for her people. Her journey from Princess, to Member of Parliament, to rebel leader, to exile is an inspiration and a revelation – about Burma, about Southeast Asia, and about the games of superpowers played out in real life.

“Triumphant!” – The Bangkok Post

“Wonderful!” – Andrew Marshall (The Cult at the End of the World)

“Enthralling!” – L.R. Wright (Prized Possession, The Menace)

“Full of historical, political and human insight.” – Jane Rule (After the Fire, Desert Hearts)

“Compelling…Reads like a novel.” – Lyn Hancock (Nunavet)

The White Umbrella: A Woman’s Struggle for Freedom in Burma
Friends Books, Bangkok, Thailand 2006. Trade paperback, 398 p., illus.
ISBN 974-93747-8-9


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